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Black Sesame Walnut Drink (28g x 3 /box)

Product Code: FBWB-3
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TOKU TSURU Black Sesame Walnut Drink (28g x 3)

Info about Black Sesame Walnut Drink (28g x 8 /box), please refer to:

Packed with nutrient-rich grains and beans, Toku Tsuru Multigrain Drink Series are made to provide you different health benefits. Just a pack of it can kickstart your day delightfully!

Toku Tsuru Multigrain Drink Series are formulated in accordance to the Five Colors Food Concept which a diet rich in an array of colors will benefit our health & well-being. 

Colours Ingredients
Red Purple Sweet Potato, Red Bean, Purple Yam, Beetroot
Yellow Brown Rice, Soybean, Barley, Corn, Oat
Green Vegetables
White Adlay, Yam, Lotus Seed, Apricot Kernel, Tremella, Job’s Tears, Poria, Gorgon, Walnut
Black Black Glutinous Rice, Black Sesame, Black Bean, Black Fungus, Cocoa


Made with aromatic black sesame and fragrant walnut, Toku Tsuru Black Sesame Walnut Drink is rich in taste and has a grainy texture.

Ingredients Highlight: 

Image result for black sesame seeds   Black sesame health benefits:

  - Bone (high in calcium & zinc can increase the bone density)
  - Cardiovascular (contain phytosterols that has cholesterol-lowering effect)
  - Enhance kidney function


Image result   Walnut health benefits:

   - Cardiovascular (reduce LDL cholesterol)
   - High in antioxidant (Vitamin E)
   - Weight management (provide satiety)


Recommended for: All age groups, working adult, whole family

Ingredients: Non Dairy Creamer, Sugar, Black Sesame, Maltodextrin, Brown Sugar, Black Bean, Oat, Soybean, Walnut, Black Fungus

Made in Taiwan

Weight: 28g x 3

Storage Condition: Keep at a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.

Direction: Add each serving with 200ml - 250ml hot water according to your preference. Enjoy drink warm or hot as desired.

Precaution: This product contains gluten, soy and nut.


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