Black Soybean Tea RM38.00

Tamba’s Great Treasure
Made with Black Sotbean from Sasayama, Tamba, Japan
Tamba’s Black Soybean is as shine as black opal.
Tamba’ Black Soybean have abundant nutrients of﹕
 Linoleic Acid ﹕ A kind of Omega-3 fatty acids, increases body metabolism and helps in fat burn.
 Lecithin ﹕ Stimulates brain function, enhance memory.
 Saponin ﹕ Inhibits the formation of fat, reduce cholesterol level.
 Isoflavones ﹕ Helps to prevent osteoporosis, reduce menopausal symptoms.
 Anthocyanins ﹕ An antioxidant that helps to remove free radicals and prevent aging.

Ingredients﹕ Black Soybean (Non GMO)

Contents﹕ 10g X 10 teabags

Directions﹕ Suitable to be served in cold or hot, add 1 litre of boiling water or cold water, tea is ready after 4-5 minutes

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