Red Bean & Brown Job’s Tear Powder RM72.00

Multiple Grains! Nutty Flavor!
RED BEAN & BROWN JOB’S TEAR POWDER is made from whole red beans cultivated in Taiwan. The seeds coats of Brown Job’s Tears are remained during the harvest and manufacture process. The Brown Job’s Tears and Red Beans are roast at low temperature to retain the original texture. Enjoy every nutrition drink with your family.

INGREDIENTS: Red Beans, Oats, Crystal Sugar, Soybeans, Rice, Oat Bran, Brown Job’s Tear, Soy Protein, Inulin, Salt
WEIGHT: 400g
STORAGE: Store in a cool & dry place. Store in refrigerator after opening. Please consume within 2~3 months of opening.

Add 3-4 teaspoons of Red Bean & Brown Job’s Tear Powder into appropriate amount of hot water (200C.C. approximately, 70~90°C), mix and stir evenly; you can adjust the amount according to personal preference.

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