Sweet Ginger 溫心好薑 RM18.00

Promote metabolism and increase physical strength. Through ginger’s unique gingerol, multivitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber, at the same time when it is in the mouth, it transforms into warming energy.

 High in fiber and gingerol, shogaol, zingerone and micronutrients
 Additive, colouring and flavouring free
 Safety Test approved: Pesticide residue, heavy metals and microbiology test

Ingredients: Ginger, Sugar
Country of Origin: Taiwan
Storage: Tightly zipped and store in cool dry place

Suitable for:
- Busy working adults to boost energy.
- Females to feel warm and comfortable every month
- Individuals who wished to feel warm during winter or in an air-conditioned room

Consumption methods:
- Direct consumption
- Add 5-6 piece of Sweet Ginger into 250c.c-300c.c of hot water or tea.
- Add 1-2 piece of Sweet Ginger into desserts like red bean soup, peanut soup or tofu pudding (douhua) to enhance the taste.


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