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Imperial Nourishing Tonic (50ml x 6 bottles per box)

Brand: SUN TEN
Product Code: FINS
Availability: Out Of Stock


Imperial Nourishing Tonic 帝璽龜鹿飲 (50mlx6bts)


Deer antler, tortoise shell, cassia, lycium fruit, ginseng, extract of cistanche, water, sugar           


PACKAGE: 50 ml/bottle, 6 bottles per box           



Physical strength dramatically declined; Menopausal osteoporosis, recover from postpartum / disease; back pain, men or women with reproductive problem.

  1. 35 to 45 years old: regain physical strength, strengthen fertility
  2. 45 to 55 years old: tonifying kidney, strong bones, improve health, well-being and longevity.
  3. 55 years old and above: back pain, menopause, osteoporosis.



1 bottle daily, can adjust based on personal situation



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