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Toku Tsuru Qi Drink

Product Code: FQDS
Availability: In Stock

Toku Tsuru Qi Drink 德鶴堂紅景天元氣飲

Product Features:

Concepts from oriental prescription, to enhance blood oxygen level, rapid replenishment and reduce fatigue. Hot weather can also be taken.


Ingredients: Rhodiola, Acanthopanax, Panax quinquefolius, ginseng, aged citrus peel


Description of ingredients:

  • Anti-anoxia - Rhodiola, Acanthopanax.
  • Anti-fatigue - Rhodiola, Panax quinquefolius, ginseng.
  • Qi regulating and help prevent digestive stagnation - Aged citrus peel

Suitable for:

Those who declined in attention, stay up all night, fatigue or undergo high intensity activities; office workers; mountain climbers; athlete


Packing: 24g x 12


Preparation method: Use 200c.c. of cold or hot water to brew.


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