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Toku Tsuru Silver Perch Essence - Original (60mlx6)

Product Code: FPEO
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嚴選產銷 Best Source   
Only Silver perches with traceability are selected to ensure safety
高科技 CAS 技術 CAS Technology 
採用日本高科技 Cells Alive System 細胞活存技術,解凍後不破壞細胞組織,封存魚的營養價值,新鮮猶如現撈。
High-tech Cells Alive System (CAS) from Japan is adopted so that cel tissues are intact after de-freezing and nutrients are preserved, keeping the fish as fresh as freshly-caught.
營養最完整 Comrehensive Nutrients :
18種氨基酸, 8種必須氨基酸,優質蛋白質及膠原蛋白。
The essence contains 18 amino acids, 8 essential amino acids, high-quality proteins and collgens.
精選包材安全無慮 Safe Packaging Materials  
Food-level thermal film that passed heavy metal and plasticizer tests issued so the pouch can endure teh heat when being boiled or steamed.
嚴格把關最安心 Strict Tests
Tests are performed by a non-partial 3rd party to ensure nutrition and safety. 
健康0負擔 Zero Burden
0脂肪/ 0膽固醇/ 0抗生素/ 0防腐劑/ 0 塑化劑/ 0調味劑/ 0添加物
No fat/ No Cholesterol/ No Antibiotic/ No Presentive/ No Plasticizer/ No Flavoring Agent/ No Additive. 

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