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Toku Tsuru Drip Essence of Chicken

Product Code: FDEC-6
Availability: Out Of Stock

Drip Essence of Chicken (50ml x 6 servings)

Product Features:

Extracted from 100 days Taiwan black-feathered chicken by using advanced technologies to remove the poultry smell from chicken but retaining the tastiness of pure chicken essence.


1. Proteins help to build and repair tissues.

2. A healthy intake of protein during pregnancy supports baby's growth.

3. Promote and maintain a healthy milk supply for breastfeeding mothers.

4. Improve iron absorption and mobilization of iron stores in the body and also rich in gelatin which known as beauty superfoods - collagen. 


Chicken essence

Suitable for:

Children, teenagers, working adults, elderly, pregnant and postpartum mother, postperative care. For individuals with serious illness, please check with your doctor before consume.

Packing: 50ml x 6 servings

Product origin: Taiwan 










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